8-Bit Weather App

Microsoft 8-Bit Weather Description

8-Bit Weather combines the nostalgic cool of pixelated graphics with the latest up-to-date weather information, unlike whatever boring weather app you’re currently using. 8-Bit Weather allows you to check the current climate conditions – from hourly updates to a 7 day forecast – on an iconic videogame canvas. Watch drops of blocky rain fall from the sky, as pixelated leaves blow across a fantasy landscape. Keep an eye on the snow piling up around a stone cave that probably contains a fearsome monster, and watch out for that moat! We hear whatever lurks in its depths can be seriously detrimental to a hero’s hit points.

8-Bit Weather is more than a weather app; it’s an adventure! Use this accurate, informative app to help you prepare for your day – whether it’s with an extra sweater, or a greater healing potion and your trusty claymore.