8-Bit Donuts (Kickstarter)

Came across a Kickstarter for a 8-Bit Donut place with Videos games and the works. Whats better than Donuts and old school Video Games?? We are for sure going to Hit this up when it opens!


We have a dream: Open a donut shop that serves gourmet donuts and craft coffee, with 1980s era arcade games. Help us make it happen!

We have a dream! To open up downtown Savannah’s only donut shop, serving up gourmet donuts, craft coffee from PERC Coffee, and even ice cream from Leopold’s! Not enough for ya?!? How about tons of your favorite 80s arcade games! Best your Galaga high score while enjoying an expertly crafted latte. Reach a new level in Pac-Man while stuffing your face with fluffy, glazed donuts. Squash some Q*Bert baddies while gnoshing on an ice cream cookie sandwich. It’s okay to cry. Happy tears, of course.

8-Bit Donuts will be located on the campus of The Guild Hall, Savannah’s premier gaming destination. The Guild Hall already boasts a host of successful businesses, including The Chromatic Dragon, our gamerpub, The Guild Hall Arena, our 18+ gamerspace, and Jolly Goblin Games, our traditional friendly local game store. With plenty of space to play Magic, D&D, or any other tabletop game your heart desires, 8-Bit will offer more than just arcade games.


DONUTS, OF COURSE!! We plan to offer from-scratch gourmet donuts. And we’re not talking about your average run-of-the-mill flavors, either. Clegg is a donutisseur (he just made that word up) and ran a successful bakery for several years. His ambitions are fierce! His imagination is vast! His belly is wide! Biscoff donuts? Scotcharoo Crullers?! PB&J Stuffed Donuts?! Cap’n Crunch Special?! Dude. There is no stopping this man!


But if arcade games are what brought you here, LOOK NO FURTHER! We plan to offer all your favorite 80s arcade classics, from Centipede to BurgerTime to Zaxxon to Galaga to Robotron! (We could seriously keep going pretty much forever…how long have you got?) Even more: we hope to offer them for free with the purchase of food and drink at 8-Bit! You buy a donut, we hand you some tokens! Is that cool, or what?!


Throw in craft coffee from our good friends and local coffee roasters, PERC Coffee, and you can see why this feels like a culinary dream-come-true.


But wait, there’s more! What Savannah eatery would be complete without ice cream? Kill the heat on a hot Savannah day (which we all know is most of the year) with one of our treats that features delicious ice cream from Leopold’s. Chocolate, vanilla, and most of your favorite Leopold’s flavors will be available, either as add-ons to make your donut experience even more magical, or as part of a special creation by our team of donutisans (Clegg made that one up, too).


Not only that, but we’ll also be featuring a CUSTOM FLAVOR designed especially for 8-Bit Donuts by Leopold’s super secret team of flavor scientists.

What makes us think we can do this? Our amazing community helped us crowd-source The Chromatic Dragon back in February 2015. Ever since it opened two months later, our gamerpub has been more successful in its space than any other restaurant in the building before us. The Dragon offers customers console gaming and board gaming while they enjoy up-scale pub food, craft beer, and cocktails. Not to brag, but it’s been called “The Disney World of Savannah” and “Oh my god I can’t believe this is a real thing am I dreaming?” We couldn’t have done it without our Kickstarter backers, and we hope that together we can achieve similar results with you folks on 8-Bit Donuts.

Check out this little video to see what kind of fun we’ve been up to at The Chromatic Dragon.

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We have less than 30 days to meet our goal to get 8-Bit open in January 2017! Read on to learn more about what we can offer and how you can help!

8-Bit Donuts is a team effort brought to you by the amazing people at The Guild Hall. You can learn more about us at http://theguildhall.com/team