This Cubs 8-bit ‘Contra’ mashup

The Chicago Cubs must have figured out baseball’s cheat code last season. After 108 years of failing to defeat the final boss, the Cubs finally conquered all, earning a sweet trophy and a storybook ending.

With the team now looking to defend its title, it’s only fair that they get an 8-bit mashup from the game known for its infamous cheat code. That’s right, the Cubs got an 8-bit Contra mashup, and it takes a lot of shots at the St. Louis Cardinals.

Hey, that was pretty entertaining. The video starts out with what we’re guessing is Jake Arrieta and … Anthony Rizzo? Arrieta is the bearded one, of course. It’s tough to tell from the sprite, but it looks like “Rizzo” gets picked and then proceeds to rampage his way through St. Louis, blasting everything in sight.

The Cardinals jokes are plentiful, and not so subtle here. Among them, we see the following:

• Actual Cardinals being shot out of the sky
• Cardinal fans with fanny packs getting taken out
• Cardinal players being taken out
• An Imo’s Pizza store
• A toasted ravioli billboard
• A reference to the Astros hacking scandal
• A dig at the lack of salads in Midwestern cuisine
• At least two more St. Louis fashion references
• The Arch
• Busch Stadium being invaded by “Rizzo”

This is not the first time YouTuber Johnny Fitz Live has put the Cubs in 8-bit form. He’s put them in Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and the Legend of Zelda, to name a few.

We have a feeling this one might rile up some Cardinals fans. The rivalry between the two teams goes deep, but when you bring regional cuisine into it, things can get personal.

This video, however, may work against the Cubs. If you study it closely, you can see exactly where Jon Lester will throw his first couple pitches during Sunday’s game. Looks like it will be up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right … OK, fine, we can’t take this stupid joke any further.