Wreck It Ralph 8-Bit Street in London

8_bit_ralph_1 8 Bit Ralph 6 8 Bit Ralph 5 8 Bit Ralph 3 8 Bit Ralph 2

Disney tricked out an entire London street with cool 8-bit props to promote Wreck-It Ralph, its feature-film-length chunk of nerdbait whose retro visual style was reflected by the sculptures in Disney’s exhibit. Sculpting in 8-bit can be tricky, and the necessary lack of detail can make it hard to tell what things are sometimes. So I’m glad sculptor Aden Hynes kept things simple—water flowing from a pipe, pigeons, a car—to draw in people who might not ordinarily respond to old video-game graphics. Maybe once they clear all that stuff out of there, they’ll pave everything with yellow bricks when it’s time to shill Oz: The Great and Powerful. More images below.

Via Adweek