8-Bit Coke Cola Cans

Special Editions are the best way to give a fresh take on an already established product, and now Coca Cola gives it’s classic can another classic spin.

These cans of Coke have received a retro-treatment for an extra dose of freshness, and were decorated with a true classic: Space Invaders! These motives will appeal to geeks for a soft spot for retro gaming in a cool, and clever design, which is present in the Classic Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Light. The cans are 220 ml, which would equate to a 100 calories, for those of you who like to keep track of your intake.

Coca Cola 8-bit Space Invaders

If you’re the type to always have a hat on their dome then you need the comfortable and…

No, the image is not pixelated because the resolution is low: that’s exactly how the can looks. Yay for retro! We would imagine these would be fantastic for those weekends of extended gaming sessions, for both modern and classic games (it’s Coke, after all, even if you change the packaging).

Coke Zero Space Invaders

We’d like to mention that the Zero version is our favorite: not only does it have less calories, but also the black and white gamma really takes us back, reminding us of the original game. The other versions are still cool, but we’ll toast with this one. For more gaming!